What If Calculator


This little gem of a Calculator will enable you to perform a very quick instant estimate. It doesn't require you to enter any information into the system all you need is some figures, made up or otherwise.



This is a great tool for those who already know their base income, eg salary or wages income, and perform extra work, maybe a second job or some type of business.

You can enter the base amount and click "Calculate" if that's all you want to do.

Or you can enter the base amount and some extra amount, eg you may mow 4 lawns on a weekend and do this every week, so you can enter the amount in and select weekly.








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Below is and Example of the "What If" Calculator Screen

What If Calculator




Weekly Calculations

If you for example make $10000 per year as a base income, and then you made on average an extra $10 per week you can enter that into the Calculator to determine the calculations. Obviously these figures are very small, but the example works for any other type of scenario.

You will notice that in the top image there is no columns or any of the other information. They appear after you click on the Calculate Icon, this keeps the screen clean and fresh.

Even though these figures were only very small the calculator was able to return precise amounts based on this information. You will notice that it returns yearly, monthly and weekly information that consists of amounts before and after tax...... Now that's Awesome.

Entering a Weekly Amount into the What If Calculator




Monthly Calculations

To carry these examples one step further you will notice in the above image that the extra amount selected was for a weekly basis. The image below is exactly the same amounts except we told the calculator that it was income that was made on a monthly basis.

As you see the results are different, which is obvious you say. But it gives you and example of the flexibility of the Calculator.

You are able to select Weekly, Monthly and Yearly intervals with the What If Calculator.

Monthly intervals using the What If Calculator



Percentage Increase

We have a new facility added which allows you to calculate increases in income using a percentage rate.

Here you see a $10000 entry with and annual increase of 5%

This means you can enter the same amount in the top box (method 1) and see where you stand and cross reference that between the percentage increase when using method 3

Monthly intervals using the What If Calculator