Updating Patch

Update Series 3 to the lastest Version.


NOTE: if you have not already migrated to Series 3 then you need to return to the migration page and carry out the setups to migrate to Series 3..

You will automatically be updated to the latest version when you migrate, so there will be no need to apply this update patch.


Not Sure Which Version You Have

If you are unsure if you have the new version or the old version of the software then do this:

Run the program in the usual way and click on the "Help" Icon on the Main Menu.

Look up towards the left hand corner of the screen, if the Version Number says Version 3.3 or later then you have the latest Series. The new Series 3 started at 3.3.

Any numbers below 3.3 (such as 2.6 or below) belong to the old series, You WILL need to Migrate to Series 3


Tip: if you have an icon labeled "Help" on the main menu screen then you most likely have one of the new versions. This Icon has been renamed and was previously called: "Guide"





Update Patch


Click Here to Download the Update Patch


This patch will take you up to Version 3.4 of the Software





Installing the Update Patch

We suggest that you backup your data files before applying the update patch.


When you are ready in apply the patch simply run the file in the usual manner and install the patch.

This is usually done by double clicking on the file with your left mouse button.

This update will normally only take less than 30 seconds... Once is finishes, you can then reopen the software and once again enjoy using the program with the latest version of the software.






Download Conditions

We must ensure that we mention that by downloading and using the software that you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. Should you not agree with these Terms and Conditions then you are free to uninstall and not use the software.


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