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Paying Federal Income Tax no matter which country you are in basically sucks, and it can suck even more when you see people in office wasting your income tax contributions, even to the point of using it as if it was their own personal funds.


However income tax is needed to contribute to such things as public works, hospitals, individuals who need care, emergency services, parks and wildlife, the list could go on an on.


There is no getting away from it, so we may as well stay ahead of it, our EasyAs Income Tax Calculator may help you Calculate and Forecast your income tax well ahead of the Taxman.





Installing EasyAs Income Tax


Once you have saved the tax software to your pc, you will need to run the file to install the program. To run and install the file all you do is double click on the file with your left mouse button.


The program will unpack itself, and will then begin the install process.


It is best to Install into the default installation folder suggested by the software, leave it as C:\EasyAs\easytax


Click next or continue where appropriate and you will be fine


Additional Note: When you get to a list of 3 choices asking what method of installation you require, select the top choice, select "Typical"




Setting up EasyAs Income Tax

The first time you attempt to run the program it will activate the initial setup.


During the setup process you will be required to enter your name, financial period, currency symbol and select you individual countries income tax chart.


1. Enter your Name

2. Click on "Select your Chart Model"

3. Click on the icon relevant to your country

4. Click on the icon to enter you financial period and currency symbol

5. Enter the start date of you financial year

6. Enter a Currency Symbol

7. Once all the above is done, click to continue the setup.

8. Select the current financial year (period)

9. Setup is complete.





You will be required to enter a name. As this is for your personal income tax calculations you could enter only your first name. You can change this at a later date if required.





Currency Symbol

You will be required to enter your country's currency symbol

Currency Symbol: eg. $

$ = dollar sign




Your Financial Year

This will usually be the standard financial period of income reporting for your individual country:

eg. In Australia the financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June every year.


This is also the period in which personal income is reported and assessed.

We understand that most people will automatically be aware of their yearly financial reporting, so this area should not be confusing to you.

If you are unsure what your financial period should be, please consult advice from your relevant government departments.


If for some reason you are unsure, Do Not continue with the setup of the software, click cancel, and exit out of the setup, as you will NOT be able to change this part at some later date.




Selecting the Charts

You will be presented with a series of icon's which display the name of your country. Simply click on the icon of your country, this will change to bold text, indicating that it has been selected.

If your country is not on the list and you wish to sample the software, you will need to click the icon labeled "other"


If you choose "other" then you will need to have access to the income tax rates and brackets of your country when the setup is complete. It is suggested that once the setup is completed that you click on the icon labeled "charts" on the main screen and then click on the icon labeled "Edit Charts" and enter the income rates and brackets of your country prior to using the software.


If you choose "other" you will be presented with a default set of income rates and brackets which are helpful the illustrate the mechanics of this area.





Using the Income Tax Software

Throughout the software you will see a range of help screens. It is suggested that you click on these icons and read the individual information relevant to the screen you are on.


There is also an icon labeled "guide" on the main screen. Please do yourself the justice of reading through the guide. The guide consists of 7 areas of information which help to paint a picture of the software and enable you to use the program in the method in which it was designed.


We believe that the software is one of the most useful, simple and practical income programs on the market. However, even though the software is very simple to use it does have some particular quirks with its design which places it in a league of its own. Because of this it may be necessary for you to read the information contained within the guide, else these particular quirks (which were intentional and are a necessary part of the software) may mean that the forecast section of the process is not correct.


You can quickly overcome this by reading the guide, which consists of only 7 pages of text in total. Once read you will never need to read the guide again. Like riding a bike, once you learn how, you always know.




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Income Tax

Your Federal Income Tax calculations need not be a challenge with the EasyAs IncomeTax Calculator.

Stay ahead of you possible income tax liabilities.

No need to incur any more unknown tax debts



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