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Remember that every screen within the EasyAs Income Tax Software have very useful help buttons, that should hopefully answer most of your issues. But if they don't, then its better to ask us a question.

We are happy to answer any issues, or look into any suggestions, please contact us on the above email.



Some Commonly Asked Questions


Am I able to get a copy of the software on disk?

At this stage we are no making it available on cd, the software was designed with the internet in mind. You are free to download the software and store a copy on CD if you wish.



The trial period ended and I cannot see me data, is it all lost?

No. Once the trial period ends you will see a screen that requests a serial number for continuation. Once you enter your personal serial number, you will have immediate access to all you data.




What about the serial number, how do I get it ?

Once purchased via the merchant - plimus, you will automatically receive a serial number via email.... Its easy and painless..

You receive a full 45 days of free use of the software to determine if it is suitable for your needs. By providing you this period of time we believe this will enable you to be 100% satisfied before you need to hand over cash

If its not what you were looking for, that's ok, at least you didn't waste your money finding out....



I want to backup my files to CD, but I cannot perform this task ?

Due to restrictions in software, and the many differences between software that writes to CD's, we are unable to add a facility to backup direct to a CD.

The backup process that comes with EasyAs is fantastic for backing up between Hard Drives and Folders. You can easily perform a manual backup of the Data direct to a CD by copying the 2 data files using your software.

The 2 files to backup are called.... EasyTax2.mdb & EasyTax3.mdb




When I downloaded the Software it does not appear on my Start Menu ?

When you download the software it will save to a destination determined by the settings in your computer, once you download you also have to install the software.

Simply do a search of you computer for a file called easyasin.exe. Once you locate the file use your mouse and double click using you left mouse button, then follow the prompts and install the software.




Is there a Mac Version of the Software ?

Sorry, but at this stage we do not have version for Mac's. This software is only available for pc's that run the Windows operating systems.




Why do I see long rectangles or thick grids on my screen?

EasyAs is created to run on machines using reasonable levels of graphics found in today's evolution of pc's. In most cases you experience rectangles across you screen because you screen settings are set too low, or you do not have a driver installed for you video card.

Check your screen settings and ensure that you have at least a Color Quality of 24bit. Once you change this setting you will experience the software in its fullness.

If your pc settings are unable to be changed and the rectangles bother the crap out of you, you can change the software settings to run on less than 24bit. Simply go to the setup menu and locate the icon that says "Screen and Color Settings" and change the setting to "less than 24 bit". You may need to exit the program to allow the settings to take full effect.




How do I Backup and Restore ?

check out our backup and restore page

There are two files that need backing up in case you have a malfunction. Should your system malfunction and needs to be reinstalled, you will be glad you backed these up..

We have provided a backup and restore facility, but if you are wanting to store the files on cd, we understand that some system setups will prevent the supplied facilities working. You can manually backup and restore the files. Simply copy the files below to a Cd, and copy them back again after reinstallation.


The files to copy to the cd are found in this directory



The two files to backup are called......EasyTax2.mdb & EasyTax3.mdb




How often should I back up ?

That's really a personal choice.. I regularly backup my accounting software (easyas income tax) at least a couple of times a month, but even then I risk losing some data if I have a melt down. So this is really going to be your choice... Like most of use, once you have been bitten badly by not backing up your data you will soon change your process.



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