Simple Easy Accounting Software for those of you who are in Small Business

Basic easy to use Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

Here at EasyAs we haven't only produced the worlds first Income Tax Estimator, but we have also produced the worlds only simple easy to use Small Business Accounting Program

Accounting Software

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EasyAs Accounting was created with one idea in mind:

"To produce a truly simple accounting program, that anyone of any age could use"

If you are going to have to do something that most of us hate, then it might as well be simple and easy to do. At EasyAs we grabbed hold the outdated 18th Century Double Entry Accounting Method and chucked it in the recycle bin. Yes we know that many of our competitors thrive on this stuff, which is great for us, as most of our clients were once clients of our competitors

We have opted for a very simple approach, which means you can pick up a pile of expense receipts and simple enter them in the same way you would if you were writing out a shopping list... Plus of course you get all the luxury items like invoicing, quoting, accounting for sales tax etc...



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You don't have to purchase the program right away as you can use the whole Accounting Program on a 30 Day Free Trial... Yes you get to try it before you buy it..

This means if you find that the software does not suit your business needs you can keep your money in your pocket and search elsewhere.... How Good Is THAT...


Accounting Software




I doubt that there is any Small Business on the Planet who really wants to be doing Bookkeeping. Almost all the Small Businesses on the planet do this evil task because the government wants taxes, and they want us to account for every last dollar....















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