Updating EasyAs Income Tax

Update your existing software to the latest charts available with our download patch.


If you have already migrated to Series 3, then click here for the latest Update Patch, to update to the latest Version in Series 3 of the Income Tax Software ......

NOTE: if you have not already migrated to Series 3 then you need to carry out the steps below




Migrate Existing Installation



PLEASE NOTE: As of 22nd August 2009 all users of EasyAs Income Tax are required to MIGRATE over to Version 3 of the software. Upon migration you will also receive the latest charts.








SERIES 3 ISSUED ON 22nd August 2009


Anyone downloading and installing a new complete install of the software direct from our download page after 22nd Aug 2009 WILL have automatically installed the latest version of the software.


To update to Series 3 Please see the Instructions Below


Not Sure Which Version You Have

If you are unsure if you have the new version or the old version of the software then do this:

Run the program in the usual way and click on the "Help" Icon on the Main Menu.

Look up towards the left hand corner of the screen, if the Version Number says Version 3.3 or later then you have the latest Series. The new Series 3 started at 3.3.

Any numbers below 3.3 (such as 2.6 or below) belong to the old series, You WILL need to Migrate to Series 3


Tip: if you have an icon labeled "Help" on the main menu screen then you most likely have one of the new versions. This Icon has been renamed and was previously called: "Guide"






How to Migrate to Series 3 of EasyAs Income Tax

The latest version of the software has been designed to overcome some of the issues caused by the Windows Vista operating system.

The software now installs into a new location on your pc. We have been forced to take these steps as the Windows Vista Operating System was preventing restoration of backups.


As this is a New Program and you could in effect keep your existing program and run both the old program with the new one, but we would not recommend you do this as there are no updates being made available for the old software, and this new software has significant changes.

We suggest that you backup your data files from your existing software prior to installing this new version. You can use the backup facility that is made available with the software. If you want more information on backing up your data please go here.

Once you have installed the new software you WILL be able to restore your existing data, as the data files have had no changes so the new program will recognize your data files.



Download Series 3 of the Software


Click Here to Download Series 3 Migration


Once you have downloaded the above file you can then install the program.

Special Instructions Exist for Installation


Note: This will take you right up to the latest Version of Series 3 with the latest update patches



Once you have installed the new program you will need to restore your data files using the facility provided.

We suggest you then run the new program to ensure your data files have been restored. Once you have done this it will be a good idea to uninstall the original Series 2 to avoid any confusion.

The New Series 3 is called: EasyAs Income Tax Software

The Old Series 2 is called: EasyAs Income Tax

So when you go to your add remove programs section of the windows software it is easy to distinguish between the two.

We have additional step by step instructions available on this migration page to assist with installation of Series 3 and removal of Series 2



Download Conditions

We must ensure that we mention that by downloading and using the software that you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. Should you not agree with these Terms and Conditions then you are free to uninstall and not use the software.


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