Sample View of the Main Screen.



View of the Main Screen of EasyAs Income Software


The main screen is clean and fresh and a pleasure to look at. This ease of flow is exactly how the program has been put together. We have tried to keep it simple and easy to understand, so you can begin using it instantly without the need to pry the information out of the program.
Looking the the image above you can see that you have instant access to the "What If" Calculator.

The "Help" Icon allows you access to a built in guide as well as information about the software. Easy screen has a help icon which relates to that screen.

Whilst you will most likely understand 90% of everything within the software the guide is essential to understanding the "Forecast Calculations".

The "Tax Charts" icon allows you to select your rate of tax. This is mostly essential for countries with different rates for different family demographics or regions. You can also edit the charts themselves and create your rate of tax for those countries not included in the charts at setup.

Here you can also change to a previous years rate of tax for testing purposes or next years rate of tax (if they are available for your country within the EasyAs Software)

In the screen example you see the names Tracey and Peter. You have access to two accounts with the standard version which you can name. Each person will have access to his or her own income tax entry screen.