Migration Step by Step Instructions

How to install the new version and remove the old version of EasyAs Income Tax



Step 1 - Backup your Data

The first and most important aspect of this Migration Process is to perform a Data Backup of your existing Data

Click here to view Backup Instructions




Step 2 - Download the New Series

Download and Save the file to your Computer -- Then move to Step 3

Click Here to Download the New Series 3 Software


This is a full download, and will install the latest version



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Step 3 - Install Overview

We have renamed this new Version of EasyAs so that your Computer will recognize it as a new program. This way it will not maintain any links to any of the older version previously installed on your machine.


This new Series 3 (and above) will install on your machine as EasyAs Income Tax Software:



The previous versions (2.6 and below) of our software installed as EasyAs Income Tax:



So effectively you are able to install this new program without actually uninstalling the previous version of EasyAs. We do advise that you uninstall the older version of the software so you do not accidentally start using the wrong version to record entries and mess yourself around with having to re-enter the records again.

So the motto is, uninstall the older version....


If it was me, I would backup my data, install the new software, restore my data, test the new software to make sure the data is there, then uninstall the old software, then retest the new software just to convince myself that everything worked.



When uninstalling the Older Version of EasyAs you may see this screen pop up, if you do simply Click the "Ignore" Icon:





Step 4 - Install Series Version 3

It is going to be your choice if you uninstall the older version of the software first prior to installing this new version. Or you can uninstall it after you install this new version of EasyAs.

If you are going to install this new version first before uninstalling the older version, just remember that when you go to uninstall the software you are looking for a program in the Add/Remove Programs section of windows called "EasyAs Income Tax ", If you accidentally uninstall the wrong one you will have to start the migration process again. Do Not uninstall the longer title called "EasyAs Income Tax Software " as you will be uninstalling the new Version 3


The most important point to note is to Backup Your Data First.

I know we keep going on about backing up, but believe it or not there are some clients who have not backed up EVER, and some never backup for months at a time. Although we now hope everyone is doing this, in the past we have received emails from some very stressed clients who have found themselves in a sudden world of pain because something drastic occurred and they have now lost everything.


In Step 2 you downloaded the new version of EasyAs and saved it to your computer. Now that you have backed up your data its time to Install the new version to your computer by running the file you downloaded (usually by double clicking on the file with your left mouse button)


Then simply follow the prompts as they appear.

When you get to a screen which asks if you want to change your installation directory, DO NOT change this, leave the installation directory as C:\EasyAs\easytax, simply Click OK. This is an example of this screen:

install directory C:\EasyAs





When you get to this screen click on the top icon called "Typical"


Install as Typical





Step 5 - Restore Your Data

Now that you have installed the software you can run the program and restore your data.

Restoring your data is simple the reverse of Backing up your data... Move up the start menu until you locate the "Restore and Backup" icon






The instructions below may help with this process


Click on the Right Icon to Restore your Data - Right Icon called "Restore EasyAs Files":

Click on the Right Icon "Restore"



Make sure your screen looks like this and is headed with "Restore the EasyAs Data Files":

Select the location where your backup files are

Simply click the icon labeled "Start"



The screen will now look like this:

select your directory


Next you need to surf your computer until your find the location where your have your backup files stored.



You will need to "Double Click" using the left mouse button on the Drive and Directory Location where your files are stored:

double click on your directory

When you have selected the location where your previous backup files are located, the "Commence" Icon will appear on the screen.


Prior to clicking the "Commence Icon" you will be able to see where the pc is looking, by looking at the line next to the Start Icon. This line is a direct link to where your pc is attempting to locate your previously backed up data (remember it is looking for two files called EasyTax2.mdb and EasyTax3.mdb):


When you are ready click the "Commence Icon"


That's it, once you click commence this screen will appear:










If you do not get the green popup and you get a popup which looks like the next image, then you most likely are not pointing the software at the right location or your files are not present (remember it is looking for two files called EasyTax2.mdb and EasyTax3.mdb), The line next to the Start Icon needs to be looking at the location where your files are located.

files not found


If all else fails, exit the program, reboot your computer and run the program again (I'm serious, this is always the first thing I do when any program does not work the way I want, you will be surprised what fixes with a reboot of the computer)