Calculating Income Tax is such a Drain

But with EasyAs Income Tax you will always have an income tax calculator available on your pc, and with a few clicks of your mouse your calculation is done.

To learn more about calculating your income tax with EasyAs, don't forget to watch our free video presentations.



Calculating Income Tax is Only Half of the Picture

You also need to file your returns, correctly and on time...

Most countries in today also hand out fines if you do not lodge your tax returns on time. This only pisses both you and me off even more, not only do we have to pay for bureaucratic mistakes, political parties and their travel holidays, but we also get fined if we don't pay for all of this in a timely fashion.



Some of the Best Income Tax Preparation and Lodgment Facilities Available

For a long time now we have been looking for the best and the most simplest way for individuals to lodge their returns.

We believe we have found the right people for each of the countries where EasyAs Income Tax is being used to calculate estimates.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for USA

The home of Hollywood, the bald eagle and " The Terminator"... The National Bird of the US is the Bald Eagle, which was once almost slaughtered into extinction within the boundaries of the US, but due to smart intervention the Bald Eagle has made a come back and has now been taken of the US Endangered list.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for UK

The UK is possibly more well known these days of the 21st Century for its Royalty and possibly not because of the Royalists themselves. Princess Diana did more good for the royals then the royalists themselves will ever admit, and outstanding humanitarian who challenged the idea of what it was to be a Lady in this modern era.

The UK and Australia have shared a friendly love and hate relationship ever sense they sent us to this great land for stealing a loaf of bread. The humble Pom is well known for crying when loosing a game of rugby or cricket to an opposing Aussie Team.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for New Zealand

The home of the long white cloud.. New Zealand is more well known for the image of the kiwi bird and the Haka. The Haka sometimes referred to as a maori war dance, aimed to intimidate warring factions. The dance is now performed on almost every grand sporting stage around the world, they are still yet to perfect the long tongue of Gene Simmons but the dance is truly spectacular.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for Canada

When you think of Canada you normally think of an image of the Maple Leaf. Then of course comes ice, snow and cold. Home of the 2010 winter olympics.

Its interesting to note that Canada and the US share the worlds longest undefended border, yet they do not agree on many foreign policies and are friends with many countries which the US deem hostile. This ability for two countries to co-exist without the need to defend each others borders, even though they have some major differences of opinions is a testament to modern thinking.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for South Africa

When I think of South Africa it brings up thoughts of Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys, diamonds and Nelson Mandela. South Africa have done themselves proud to shed themselves of the past, and to repeal the apartheid legislation.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for Australia

The home of the cuddly koala, the platypus, the kangaroo and oldest indigenous population on the planet. Australia is possibly still the only country who eats the animals on their coat of arms. Being an Aussie myself I regard this as the best country in the world.

Ooohh.. before I forget, the sleeping companion of the average New Zealander is actually a woolly sheep.



Click Here for Income Tax Preparation for India

India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.. When I think of india it has to be Mahatma Gandhi. Being an Aussie, sticking it to the Poms is always a delight.. But Mahatma Gandhi showed us what can be achieved when men decide to attack without weapons.

I love a quote from his autobiography "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

Maybe its time more of us though about our words and actions before taking our next breath. The old saying that "if a man could feel my pain he would not through stones" is oh so true.




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