Main Income Assessment and Forecast Calculator.

Lots of figures to look at

Lets discuss what we see above as this is and excellent example of both the standard and future forecast assessments.



Lets discuss the Top Half first.

This section is applicable to everyone and come straight from your income tables and charts and is the same calculations in which the govt will apply to your taxable income.

It shows you current Taxable Income and Tax Bracket, according to the information you entered into the system.


It then also shows your current tax liability and the amount you have paid in income tax. This amount ($2849.85 above) is the amount of income tax in which the govt states you owe to date on the amount of $25000 of income.


You will notice in the middle of the screen it shows and amount of $1849.45 as current shortfall. This is obtained by taking away the amount of tax already paid from you tax liabilities. So you can see based on the information, this person is currently behind by $1849.85 in tax, and will be required to make this up



Lets discuss the Bottom Half of the Screen.

This section is what we have called our Future Forecast Section. This is a great tool for those who can use it, but could in fact be used by almost everyone to determine how they are going.


This section of the program is being used by thousands of individuals worldwide as a way of keeping on top of future income tax, stop getting income tax bills, stay on top of your income tax




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Note that the screen may appear a little squashy, we had to chop the image up for the internet, but in reality it is spread out and does take up the whole screen.

Results of the Income Assessment and Forecast Calculator