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Estimate your possible Income Tax well before the Taxman

Stay ahead of the Taxman, have an idea how much income tax you are exposed to well before the Tax Man hits you with a bill.


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This is one of the most useful tools on the planet for those who's income comes from self employment, or multiple sources and combinations such as wages, tips, sales, contractors, casual or part time employment, contractors, small business, internet sales income, sub-contractors, sales commissions, etc...



The EasyAs Incometax Software has been temporarily removed from downloading whilst we create the next version of our program..

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What if your Country is not Listed?

This software is created for decimal currency using 1/100 ratio.

If your country is currently not listed in the charts, we have included instructions on how to edit the charts to enable it to be used by any country that uses decimal currency.

Included in the Charts Setup is an Icon which will install a standard set of tax charts which you can edit to suit your country. All that is required is for you to grab a copy of your tax charts, enter the information and enjoy the software.


If you discover that our unique software suits your fine country and you believe that we should also include ready made charts for your country then we ask that you email us. ....


Email to


Tax Charts for these countries are included

UK - USA - Australia - New Zealand - Canada - India - South Africa


Click here to view the current charts



Getting Full Benefit from our Software

The most basic aspect of our software is simple and easy to use, and will require very little instruction.
We have included a unique forecasting capability. This forecast capability is provided at the click of a button with no extra information required by the user. This enables you the ability to receive forecasts of income and income tax into the future.

Sometimes the information provided in the bottom half of the forecast screen may appear out of the normal, which is why we suggest you read and understand our guide. This will enable you to receive the full benefit from the software.

We strongly suggest that if you decide to use this area of the program that you read through the instructions contained in the software and/or view our video guides on this web site.
Whilst we don't believe that you will find it difficult, we put it in the same prospective as riding a bike. Once you know and have read or viewed the information then you will be up to date with how the software works and will not require to read or view the instructions again.
Those who are carrying on activities as Contractors, Small Businesses and Subcontractors can use existing information from their bookkeeping or accounting software to obtain an estimate on there income tax exposure.
Remember that EasyAs Income Tax is not meant to be used as a replacement to taxation requirements. Our software is being used as a guide and a tool that is assisting many individuals and couples with establishing an estimate of their income tax, as close as possible to their true income tax liabilities. Obviously there are many other factors involved that may differ from the standard charts used by our software, which was gathered from the relevant taxation departments. We do not take into account any depreciation on assets, deductions, rebates, existing tax debts, or any other taxation issues.

EasyAs Income Tax uses the charts from the taxation departments and the information you input to provide you with an estimate.


Download Conditions

We must ensure that we mention that by downloading and using the software that you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. Should you not agree with these Terms and Conditions then you are free to uninstall and not use the software.


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Existing Charts For:


New Zealand


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